Surf Camps
Throughout the summer, the water and our experiences in it are a constant opportunity for teaching. Correct surfing technique, rip current and ocean safety, surf etiquette, wave timing, the aloha spirit, turning, surfing history and how to give a surf report are just a few of the many topics covered at camp. In the afternoons, many students choose to swim or body surf which helps them learn wave judgement and further build their ocean confidence and understanding.

We also teach on environmental sustainability, oceanography and marine biology when the opportunities present themselves.
We believe in teaching surfing in a "family style" environment. By allowing kids/teens from 5-17 to interact, they're able to learn from each other about how to be respectful and independant, or about how to take care of and be kind to others. Our beach environment welcomes diversity and often hosts students visiting from around the world. This gives our local campers a chance to learn and interact with other kids/teens who have different perspectives, come from different backgrounds, or see the world differently. These interactions then further facilitate summer camp as a place of growth and development for campers of all ages.
Redondo Beach Surf Camps focuses on self surf-mastery. The goal and focus is to encourage campers to improve individually to best of their ability, consistently throughout the day, week, and summer. On Fridays we celebrate their accomplishments, effort and progress with awards, praise and prizes. It's a great time for parents to watch and for the camp to come together as a community. Our awards vary from "Best Turtle-Roll", to "Most Improved", "Biggest Wave", and "Most Creative Sunscreen". Our campers and instructors try to come to camp dressed festively with their Aloha Spirit shining! We encourage students to have fun, let loose, and be themselves.
A day of Surfing...
at our Summer Camp in Redondo, CA
Discover a world of ocean fun, safety, and learning with our summer surf programs designed specifically for children and teens aged 5-17. Offering both daily and weekly options, our summer surf camps run throughout the sunny season, from Monday through Friday.

At Redondo Beach Surf Camps, we've built a team of inspiring role models, carefully selected and trained to nurture a supportive and positive environment. Our goal is not just to teach surfing, but to instill confidence, encourage skill development, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

We pride ourselves on crafting a personalized surfing journey for each camper, while also fostering a communal, family-like atmosphere. Whether your child is taking their first tentative steps onto a surfboard or already carving up the waves with pro-level skill, our camp accommodates every level of experience.

Redondo Beach Surf Camps, is deeply committed to upholding the highest safety standards while providing individual attention to each camper. Come and experience a day, or even a week, of unforgettable surfing fun at our summer camp, where every wave brings a new adventure!

  • Ages 5 to 17
  • Best student to instructor ratio +
    • 1:1 student to instructor surf ratio for beginners
  • Wetsuit and Surfboard Rentals Included
  • Shade via Canopies and Umbrellas
  • Bring or Pack a Lunch
  • Extended Care Available:
    • $25 per hour, per youth
    • 7:00am - 9:00am
    • 3:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Near the Border of Redondo & Torrance Beach
Crafting Excellence: Our Surf

Instructor Selection and Training
At Redondo Beach Surf Camps, the strength of our program lies not only in our innovative teaching methodologies and flexible ratios but also in the exceptional team of instructors that bring these strategies to life.

The process of choosing our surf camp instructors is one of rigorous selection and meticulous training. We begin by seeking out individuals who are not only expert surfers but also embody a profound love for the sport and a genuine desire to pass on their knowledge and passion to others.

Our prospective instructors go through a comprehensive screening process, which includes background checks and extensive interviews. We look for traits such as patience, empathy, and excellent communication skills, as we believe these are crucial for creating a supportive and effective learning environment.

Once selected, our instructors undergo a robust training program that not only enhances their surfing skills but also equips them with advanced safety knowledge and teaching techniques. We place a high emphasis on safety, first aid, and lifesaving skills, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle any situation that might arise during the camp.

Furthermore, we encourage ongoing professional development. Our instructors regularly participate in training sessions, workshops, and certifications to stay updated with the latest advancements in surfing techniques, teaching methodologies, and safety practices.

This stringent selection and training process ensures that our students are in the best hands. At Redondo Beach Surf Camps, our instructors are not just surfing experts, they're passionate mentors committed to delivering a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding surfing experience for every student.
Personalized Care and Attention: Our Commitment to Each Surfer's Journey
Redondo Beach Surf Camps, we place paramount importance on individual care and attention. We believe that every surfer is unique, and therefore, deserves personalized guidance. Our Premier Ratio Initiative guarantees this level of customization, often even reaching a one-on-one approach. Our trained and passionate instructors focus on each student's needs and progress, ensuring they gain confidence, learn effectively, and above all, enjoy the beautiful sport of surfing. By choosing us, you're opting for an unparalleled surfing experience where safety, personal growth, and enjoyment ride the same wave.