Our location is near the border of Redondo Beach and Torrance Beach. Our canopies on the beach make camp easy to spot.
The nearest address would be:
2387 Paseo De La Playa, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

If you're looking to ride the waves and are in search of the perfect spot, Redondo Beach should be at the top of your list. With its unique blend of calm, rolling waves and expansive sandy beaches, it provides an ideal environment for both beginners and advanced surfers to master the art of surfing.

Beginners can benefit immensely from the beach's inside section, where gentler, more forgiving waves provide ample opportunity to grasp surfing fundamentals. The long, uninterrupted rides offer a less intimidating but equally exhilarating surf experience, perfect for novices building their confidence and balance on the board.
For the more seasoned surfers, the challenging outer break presents an excellent arena to refine and advance their techniques. Here, the waves are bigger and faster, demanding precision, timing, and skill, thereby facilitating an environment conducive to growth and progression in the sport.

Additionally, Redondo Beach's vibrant community of surf enthusiasts and professional instructors further adds to its appeal as a surfing hotspot. You'll find no shortage of local wisdom, camaraderie, and encouragement, whether you're just starting your surfing journey or an experienced surfer seeking bigger thrills.

So, whether you're looking to spend a summer getting familiar with a surfboard or aiming to level up your surfing prowess, Redondo Beach stands as an ideal, welcoming location for all.
Nestled along the radiant Californian coastline, Redondo Beach is an unmissable paradise, stretching over a span of 1.5 miles across the dynamic waterfront of Redondo Beach City. As an enticing hub of activity throughout the year, Redondo Beach has earned its reputation as a top-rated beach with local authenticity that distinguishes it from other, more commercialized, beaches.

Redondo Beach finds itself strategically positioned in the heart of the South Bay, neighbored by the iconic Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach. This location not only promises easy accessibility but also offers visitors a captivating glimpse into the laid-back lifestyle of the South Bay community.
Get your adrenaline pumping by hopping onto a bike and taking a spin on the renowned L.A. bike path that gracefully winds along Redondo Beach. Bicyclists can revel in the thrill of a scenic ride down to Manhattan Beach or pedal their way up to Santa Monica Beach, making it an ideal spot for both long-distance cycling enthusiasts & casual riders seeking a bit of beach-side exercise.
Redondo Beach promises more than just stunning views and the sea-breeze in your hair, it is a complete beach package. With its sprawling volleyball courts and the thrill of riding its peaky waves, Redondo Beach offers a vibrant sporting scene. Unlike its busier neighboring beaches, Redondo Beach retains a serene charm, making it the perfect destination for a relaxing summer day under the golden Californian sun, replete with adventure, leisure, and an intimate connection with nature.

Torrance Beach, California
Tucked away in the idyllic seaside landscape of South Bay, Torrance Beach is a well-kept Californian secret. With its sprawling sandy shores, this beach provides a more tranquil alternative to its bustling neighbors. Torrance Beach invites you to unwind in its peaceful ambiance, savor the panoramic ocean views, and enjoy leisurely strolls along the picturesque Palos Verdes Peninsula. Whether you're a sun-worshiper, a surfer, or a family on a picnic, Torrance Beach promises a unique and intimate beach experience like no other.
OUR CAMPERS... Enjoy the beach, learn to surf, and make lifelong memories!